“KEN Foundation Society” was founded in the year 2009 by Mr. Pulletykurty Santosh. Quite familiar with his inhibition for being an Introvert, there was always a relentless drive towards his passion. He’s outspoken and unfazed when it comes to issues in the society. He always had a great obsession and concern towards the society and felt that there was a need to imbibe sense of social responsibility within an individual by themselves untold. And so he started a blog in the year 2011 that covered several social issues to spread awareness amongst the youth and the NGO has been officially registered as a society in year 2013.

Being Dysgraphic, he has a peculiar disability to communicate in writing as well as reading. For the very same reason he doesn’t have a unique sign of his own, as he could not replicate his signature despite constant efforts to make one. Hence, he faces a difficulty in maintaining his own bank account.

Learning disabilities are never a stumbling block to our success in life. In fact, the ability of our mind to adapt to such disabilities could become one of our greatest strengths in the long run.


1. Education in various Government

Education in various Government schools where English is taught as a primary medium of language, and KEN foundation has been able to identify the gaps that can be fixed in Govt. Schools with respect to imparting computer education to students.

2. Annual Water Bowl distribution

Annual Water Bowl distribution” being organized every year in month of April and May for stray animals and birds so that we can reduce the extinction number. Also the recent times have witnessed more of concrete jungles and less water bodies

3.Paint a Smile

Paint a Smile a project aimed in painting the walls of Orphan homes and Hospital walls to make them more lively and beautiful, so that it helps kids to deviate from the feeling of suffering. Paint their Smiles and Be part of their colorful lives

4. Winter Smiles

“Winter Smiles” in Agency (Tribal areas) where old clothes are collected, and distributed for the needy during the winter season to protect them from the lower temperatures. The old clothes are segregated and then packed,along with winter woolens

Let’s Change their world Together