Picking up litter

For our Environment, we are planning for Beach cleanup and it can be a full-body workout. An Eco-Friendly Trend to Clean Our Community and this event is open to all age groups and families alike to do something positive together.

Location: Lawson's Bay Beach, Visakhapatnam
Date & Time: 20th November 2022, 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM

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General Instructions
• Wear comfortable Outfit and it is recommended to wear shoes and gloves since we will be picking up glass pieces as well.
• Kids, to be watched out by parents. We recommend kids to pick up plastic alone for safety reasons.
• Keep yourself well hydrated. There would be enough water within accessible distance throughout the cleaningarea.
• Be cautious of the ocean and aware of the tideline. Keep a safe distance back from the tideline as waves can roll in with strong force that might be unexpected.
• Be polite to any individuals, talk to them and make new friends but maintain healthy discussions.

• Do NOT venture into the sea at any point of time
• Don't pick anything heavy or dangerous objects/substance which seems to be suspicious
• Don't get into arguments.

How you can support this cause:
Corporates can help us by donating to beach clean-up drives and involving their employees in our beach clean-up efforts. This can be your social contribution towards clean and safe shores. Individuals can also support and participate with their family, friends, colleagues, and community, which means you, will cover more ground and collect more litter.

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