COVID-19 Relief Response

Ken Foundation Society has stepped up efforts to tackle the challenges posed by the Covid-19 situation and has been responded with food, personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitation kits and helped the most Marginalised & Vulnerable communities.

 Food Distribution at KGH (Government Hospital)
 Distributed Grocery kits to daily wage labourers, construction worker & poor communities
 Reaching the unreached-COVID-19 Relief for Transgender
 Grocery Kits for Daily Wage Workers
 Dry ration support to SEX workers during pandemic
 Grocery kits to daily wage labourers, construction workers, slum dwellers & poor communities
 Reaching the unreached in the pandemic
 Ration kits support to urban daily wagers during covid-19 pandemic
 Ration kits distributed to needy families during lockdown
 Ration kits distributed to needy families
 Volunteer efforts during covid-19 pandemic
 ration kits support to urban labour during covid -19 lockdown
 Ration kits support during covid-19 lockdown
 Ration kits support to daily wagers at urban areas during covid-19 pandemic lockdown
 Ration kits support to marginal communities at rural villages during covid-19 pandemic lockdown
 Alternative Livelihood for Sex Workers
 Ration Kits support at rural areas during covid-19 pandemic lockdown
 Supporting Sex Workers in Pandemic
 Supported slum dwellers, migrants, homeless people with food during covid-19 pandemic
 Reached out to Slum dwellers, migrants and homeless people in an effort to Feed the hungry during COVID-19 pandemic
 Supported urban slums with ration kits during covid-19 pandemic
 Supported with ration kits for Feeding Hungry families during COVID-19 Pandemic
  Supported the frontline Corona warriors
 100 PPE kits supported to corona warriors
 Supported homeless during covid-19 pandemic
 Supported covid-19 shelter homes
 Caring COVID-19 Warriors During pandemic
 PPE kits,face masks,hand santizers distribution for Central jail staff during COVID-19 Pandemic
 Supporting migrant labour during COVID-19 pandemic
 Supporting migrant labour during covid-19 pandemic
 Kindness towards the Homeless during COVID-19 pandemic
 Supporting Marginalized women during pandemic
 KEN Cares Corona Warriors

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Ken Foundation operates in Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Visakhapatnam.
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